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GO type:  

  Ignore IEA


For proteins you can:

  • find assigned GO terms
  • find interacting proteins
  • compute protein semantic similarity
  • find GO terms representativity
  • For GO terms you can:

  • find shared ancestor terms
  • compute term semantic similarity

  • The query compute protein semantic similarity returns the semantic similarity scores between all proteins entered, in matrix format.

    The option Measure allows you to choose one of several semantic similarity measures: Resnik, Lin or Jiang & Conrath\'s measures with or without the DCA approach, plus the graph-based simUI and simGIC measures. These measures are listed by order of performance as evaluated with protein sequence similarity.

    The option GO type allows you to choose one of the aspects of GO: molecular function, biological process and cellular component.

    The option Ignore IEA limits the query to non-electronic annotations, excluding evidence types: IEA, NAS, ND, NR.

    Enter 2 to 1000 protein (UniProt) separated by a blank space.
    (eg.: Q13263, P35222)

    Note: entries beyond the first 1000 will be ignored.

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