LASIGE research activities are organised around research lines, particularly Research Lines of Excellence (RLE). LASIGE currently features 6 RLE, approved by the Coordination Committee. The RLE gather quality indicators (publications, funding, among other topics) to substantiate its excellence, and are re-evaluated yearly. Research lines in general, and RLEs in particular, depend on the research actually conducted by researchers, their collaboration and alignment. This highly dynamic collaborative/competitive model encourages cross fertilisation and alignment with national and international research themes, fostering a continuous search for excellence. The current research lines pursued, which constitute guiding vectors for LASIGE researchers, are:

The RLE leaders, together with the LASIGE director, form the Coordination Council, who is responsible for defining LASIGE’s research strategy, assess the evaluation process of both researchers and research lines, and approve the activity plan and budget distribution for each year or period of funding. LASIGE also has a Scientific Council that includes all integrated PhD members. Integrated PhD members are those who, holding a PhD degree, are eligible according to the quality standards defined in LASIGE’s quality assurance regulation.


  • Vasco Vasconcelos


  • António Casimiro
  • Alcides Fonseca


  • Vasco Vasconcelos - Director
  • Antónia Lopes - RSS line
  • António Casimiro - CPS line
  • Francisco Couto - HBI line
  • Sara C. Madeira - DSI line
  • Tiago Guerreiro - AA line
  • Nuno Neves - RDNS line


  • Prof. Andrea Bondavalli, University of Florence - IT
  • Prof. Michael Hinchey, University of Limerick – IE
  • Eng. Nuria Oliver, Vodafone Research – ES
  • Eng. Paulo Rosado, Outsystems - USA