The vision we outline for the future, is LASIGE asserting itself, nationally and internationally, through a powerful differentiating factor:

Extreme Computing - computer science and engineering pushed to the extremes of functional and non-functional properties of systems

To fulfil this vision, LASIGE outlined the following general and specific strategic objectives:

  • Improve visibility as international player in selected R&D areas
  • Top lab, nationally and internationally, in *Extreme Computing*
  • Performing with priority in a set of H2020‐like focal points
  • Improved international impact and dissemination of research outputs
  • High prospective industrial exploitation
  • Promotion of interdisciplinary research
  • Prestigious advanced education and training institution

LASIGE’s research lines and their objectives follow from the above, with the necessary research freedom but having in mind a greater focus on LASIGE’s strongest points related to extreme computing:

  • Accessibility & Ageing
  • Cyber‐Physical Systems
  • Data and Systems Intelligence
  • Health & Biomedical Informatics
  • Reliable Software Systems
  • Resilient Distributed and Networked Systems