LASIGE’s mission reflects its unremitting pursuit of excellence

As such, the plan outlined for the future builds on the successes of the past, and aims to elevate those successes to new heights of excellence.

The new organisation of LASIGE, centred on research lines, with most of its researchers involved in more than one research line, fosters collaboration among researchers and will be instrumental in accomplishing an ambitious set of goals, enabling new levels of international visibility and research impact, but also playing a crucial role addressing important societal challenges at national and EU levels.

To fulfil this vision, LASIGE outlined the following general and specific objectives:

  • Expand its activity to include new promising areas of research in extensions of LASIGE’s main core areas;
  • Create new areas of excellence in identified concrete domains;
  • Expand the number of top quality scientific publications, increasing LASIGE's visibility and impact and fostering collaborations with companies and participation in international research projects;
  • Engage to societal challenges at national and European level, evolving the TRL of prototypes, so it can be deployed in different sectors of society;
  • Gear R&D towards knowledge and technology transfer aiming particularly at strengthening and expanding current protocols and contracts with institutions in the business sector, and at creating technology-based innovative spinoffs in key areas;
  • Reinforce the position as a prestigious advanced education and training institution;
  • Actively seek to participate at the organisation of scientific events, including international conferences, symposia and workshops.