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Peñaloza, R., C. Mencía, A. Ignatiev, and J. Marques-Silva, "Lean Kernels in Description Logics", European Semantic Web Conference: Springer, pp. 518–533, 2017.
M Arif, F., C. Mencía, A. Ignatiev, N. Manthey, R. Peñaloza, and J. Marques-Silva, "BEACON: An Efficient SAT-Based Tool for Debugging {\mathcal {EL}}{^+} Ontologies", International Conference on Theory and Applications of Satisfiability Testing: Springer, pp. 521–530, 2016.
Marques-Silva, J., A. Ignatiev, C. Mencía, and R. Peñaloza, "Efficient reasoning for inconsistent horn formulae", European Conference on Logics in Artificial Intelligence: Springer, pp. 336–352, 2016.